About Sue

I trained and worked as an interior architect with my own design company. After a career change I returned to education to study textiles. Exploring all forms, ancient and modern I discovered feltmaking. This ancient technique dating back some 8000 years lends itself to the creation of fantastic sculptures, clothes, jewellery and wall-art. I am at my happiest messing about with fibres in the shed in the garden.

Email | suepearl@me.com

Website | feltbetter.com

Tel | 07889 757 969

My Work

My work tends to be on the fantasy side with visions of mountain villages and a utopian countryside. I people them with all my sculpted animals ranging from woodland creatures to happy farm animals. My sculpting needle is always busy.

Before the virus hit I would be teaching at various craft schools around the country but all this has changed and now I have a weekly spot teaching different techniques, a different one every week.


  • Oxfordshire Museum Contemporary Craft Collection - permanent exhibit
  • International Juried Exhibition in Philadelphia USA- Identity
  • Exhibition in Los Alamos USA

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